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Longwell EPS machines in client’s factory.


In modern industrial production, Longwell, as a leading brand in the field of EPS (expandable polystyrene) machinery and equipment, has always been highly respected for its excellent quality and advanced technology. Recently, we had the honor to visit the factory of a distinguished customer and witness the excellent benefits brought by Longwell EPS machinery in its production process.




This customer's factory, located in Iran, focuses on the production of EPS products, such as building insulation materials, packaging and mold manufacturing. They have been looking to improve production efficiency, save costs and improve product quality, so they chose to introduce Longwell's EPS machinery and equipment.




First, the customer introduced Longwell's EPS pre expander machine, which plays a vital role in the production process of EPS pellets. Its precise temperature and pressure control system ensures the consistency and quality of EPS pellets. This helps produce high-quality EPS pellets, reduces the scrap rate, and improves product competitiveness.




In addition, the customer also introduced Longwell's EPS automatic molding machine, which is a highly intelligent and automated equipment. It can quickly switch to produce EPS products of different sizes and shapes according to customer needs. This production flexibility not only improves factory productivity but also reduces production downtime.



By introducing Longwell's EPS machinery and equipment, the customer's factory has achieved significant efficiency improvements. Production capacity has been increased, production efficiency has been greatly improved, scrap rates have been significantly reduced, and customers have gained a higher competitive advantage. This not only strengthens the cooperative relationship between customers and Longwell, but also proves the excellent performance of Longwell EPS machinery in improving production efficiency and product quality.



Customers and Longwell look forward to continuing to strengthen cooperation in the future, jointly create more successful cases, and bring more outstanding benefits to the industrial manufacturing industry. This case is a testimony of our joint efforts and a successful recognition of EPS mechanical equipment technology.

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