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Lost foam molds and products


The utility model relates to a lost foam molding equipment, specifically to a lost foam mechanical molding machine, which includes a power system, a molding system and a support system.



The support system includes a base and machine feet. The forming system includes a base plate, a middle plate, a top plate and a guide column. The base plate is fixedly mounted on the base. The guide columns are vertically fixed on both sides of the base plate. Guides are provided at both ends of the middle plate. hole, the guide hole on the middle plate is used to be inserted into the guide column, and the top plate is located on the top of the guide column.



The power system includes a motor, a reducer and a screw rod. The motor and the reducer are connected by a belt and are jointly located on the upper surface of the top plate. One end of the screw rod is connected to the reducer for transmission, and the other end of the screw rod is connected to the center. plate, and a protective baffle is provided on one side of the molding system; the lost foam mechanical molding machine using this solution is safer.

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