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Cooling Water Towers


Capacity: 30T/h, 50T/h

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Cooling Water Towers
Cooling Water Towers
Cooling Water Towers
Cooling Water Towers

Technical Date

China Cooling Water Towers




Beautiful Appearance


Small dimension,not to high, not to light, in line with modern building,various of tower positions.Advanced structure


Advanced structure design, most excellent matching of steam and water,


full heat exchange, the products have achieved advanced standard in the world.Light and strong. 200kg/m2


Body of the tower used high strength FRP complex materials, has ability of anti-aging,anti-corruption,not distortion,not fading,can bdar Richter 8 earthquake, 12 level typhoon,load more than 20OKg/m2-snow.


Lowest noise


The products adopt cooling tower specified motor,fan and specific water dremching noiseelimination technology, attained leading level in the country.


Lowest charge


Comparing with the same style products, our motor can save 30%of power,equipped all needed


pipes, can run inside circulate,greatly reduce charge.


Good Environmental Proteetion Capability


Adopt high efficient water collector,less than 0.01 % water drifting rate,which has excellentenvironmental protection capability.


Reliable and Sturdy


Steel supporter has double protection of Zinc and Anti-corruption paint,has good performanceof anti-corruption and a longer using age.


Cooling Water Towers


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