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Six advantages for the application of EPS ICF


As a new type of building material, EPS ICF gradually replaced the use of cement bricks, which has following six advantages:


1、 The structure is safe and reliable which has strong integrity and good seismic effect. A large number of high-rise and multi-storey buildings are in good quality at present.


2、 The thermal insulation material is durable and does not fall off. During project construction, EPS ICF shall be assembled first, and then concrete shall be poured to form composite wall, realizing the same service life of thermal insulation and structure.


3、 It is suitable for various building forms. EPS ICF has various types, flexible to splice, and can be used to make various buildings. It is suitable for all kinds of low rise and high-rise buildings, with various plane layouts and rich facade effects.


4、 The building energy conservation effect is good. EPS thermal conductivity is less than 0.028W/(m2 × 2 ℃), which is equivalent to the insulation effect of 4.6 m thick brick wall. Effectively reducing the carbon emissions throughout the life cycle of buildings is a truly low-carbon building.


5、 The construction speed is fast, simple and convenient. The process is like building blocks, saving time and labor. A 100 square meter bungalow can be built in 7 days, and the technical requirements for construction personnel are not high.


6Low construction cost. It has the advantages of less labor and building material consumption, and the construction cost per square meter is not more than over 120 USD.




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