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EPS Pre-Expander machine is to expand EPS raw material to required density, the machine works in a continuous way both in taking raw material and discharging expanded material.


EPS Pre-Expander machine can do second and third expansion to get low density.


Machine complete with Screw Conveyor, First and second expansion loader, Expander, Fluidized bed Drier


About EPS Pre-Expander machine


The fat barrel, outside an all-stainless steel compartment, has insulation measures, reliable performance, reasonable structure, beautiful, stable quality, high production efficiency, increase 2-3 times than the average machine, low energy consumption 25%.


The EPS Pre-Expander machine feed system including a feeding device and the second feeding device, a feeding device by adjusting the feed rate of transmission in order to ensure a stable feed.


EPS beads through the material, the foam into the fluidized bed dryer ( customer optional ), and then into the aging silo through the fan delivery device, complete raw foaming process, process cycle according to the second foam.


The EPS Pre-Expander machine produced a more uniform density can foam density of 7-35kg/m3.


Let the steam valve, the user can choose according to need.


EPS Continuous Pre-expander machine


The EPS Continuous Pre-expander machine is a new and improved way to expand polystyrene (PS) products. It uses a continuous stream of pressurized hot air to evenly expand the product, making it more durable and less likely to tear. The machine also has a high expansion ratio, which means that it can produce larger pieces of PS than other pre-expanders.


EPS batch pre-expander


The EPS batch pre-expander is a machine that helps to speed up the production of ethanol by breaking down the starch into simple sugars. This allows for the creation of more ethanol in a shorter amount of time, which can help to save on costs.


EPS batch pre-expander is a new type of pre-expander that can be applied to EPS production lines. It has the ability to reduce the amount of material needed for a given output, leading to lower production costs. This technology is especially useful in cases where the final product must meet certain specifications, such as low weight or low volume.


Use of The EPS Pre-Expander machine


The EPS Pre-Expander machine is a versatile and efficient tool that can be used in a variety of different industries. The machine is able to quickly and easily expand EPS foam, which is important for many applications. This includes creating insulation for buildings, packaging material, and other products.


What are the characteristics of the EPS machine?


For the fields that need to use EPS machines, if you have not purchased such equipment before, you will definitely worry that the equipment you purchased cannot meet the requirements, and there are even many quality problems that cannot be ignored. How to do it to have better results? The following time will not only mention the characteristics of the equipment, but also help people find more reliable manufacturers.


What are the characteristics of the EPS machine


1, the larger compression ratio of the EPS machine


Friends who lack experience in use must not know what product features the EPS machine relies on in order to be recognized and loved by the majority of customers. Constantly grasping more information about the equipment, you can know that the equipment of professional manufacturers not only has stable performance, but also can exert a greater compression ratio.


2, more EPS machine equipment types


Many friends feel that whether the EPS machine equipment type is complete is also a key factor in judging whether the other manufacturer can cooperate with confidence. This is indeed the case. The well-known and powerful manufacturers, from cold-pressed, hot-pressed to hot-melt models, can ensure excellent quality and long service life.


3, EPS machine can be delivered on time


After ordering the EPS machine, how long do I have to wait before I can receive the goods smoothly? This is a new problem. The strength of each manufacturer is different, and even the delivery efficiency is different. Only manufacturers with standardized production processes and sufficient production capacity can quickly complete the stocking and delivery process, and can also deliver the equipment within the prescribed time limit.


This is the introduction to the advantages of EPS machine equipment and the delivery efficiency of the manufacturer. Because the equipment has the advantages of simple installation, maintenance rate, and convenient operation, it can be used quickly, without wasting time and cost for practice, and unnecessary troubles can also be avoided. For other things, you can also ask the manufacturer's customer service staff for more information.


How is the performance of the polystyrene machine?


Nowadays, the field of polystyrene machines is increasing, so it can be understood why there are more questions about related equipment. Friends who are paying attention to the equipment and hoping to solve the purchase problem as soon as possible, what are the things that will worry about it? I believe that the performance of the equipment and the professionalism of the manufacturer are all issues that arouse people's attention.


How is the performance of the polystyrene machine


1. Lower maintenance rate of polystyrene machine


Although I have heard of polystyrene machines before, I cannot be sure that the equipment can bring satisfactory results. This is a problem that plagues countless friends. Slowly understand the details, we can find that the equipment of professional manufacturers is not only easy to operate, but also the performance is really stable enough, so there will be no malfunctions after long-term operation.


2, polystyrene machine can be customized


What should I do if the manufacturer’s polystyrene machine specifications are not suitable? This is also a problem that we need to seize the time to solve. Each manufacturer has different specifications. The stronger the manufacturer, the more abundant its equipment models, and it can also be customized according to customer requirements.


3, solve the after-sales problem of polystyrene machine in time


When we know that the performance of the polystyrene machine is very good, and we can customize the equipment to meet the needs, our distressed questions can be answered. When there is a problem with the equipment, you can give feedback to the manufacturer, and you can get a response and deal with it quickly, without worrying about the after-sales service being not good enough.



By slowly learning about related things, friends who didn't know enough about polystyrene machines before, and didn't know which manufacturers to work with more worry-free, will know what to do next. Only after carefully reading the detailed introduction shared above can friends who have more questions in their hearts make better decisions quickly.


How to screen the manufacturers of polystyrene machines?


In the processing and production of enterprises, many equipment can bring higher efficiency to its processing and production. Among them, polystyrene machine is one of the more commonly used equipment among many plastic foam manufacturers. Polystyrene machine has many Types, different types of equipment can be used in different production lines to play their functions and roles. Many people do not have a professional understanding of polystyrene machines, so that they don’t know where to start when screening equipment. Let's share with you how to screen the manufacturers of polystyrene machines.


How to screen the manufacturers of polystyrene machines


Customized screening according to its products


Since different companies process different products, the functions that can be achieved by polystyrene machines are also different. Therefore, when selecting polystyrene machine manufacturers, people should clarify their own needs and provide them according to their customers’ needs. To check whether the equipment customized by the manufacturer meets the standard.


Filter according to its product quality


The quality of polystyrene machines produced by different manufacturers will have certain differences. Therefore, when selecting polystyrene machines, a comprehensive selection should be made according to the manufacturer’s qualifications, technology and equipment. These rigid conditions are It reflects the standard of whether a manufacturer has the corresponding strength, and it can also help people as a reference to select polystyrene machines with more quality assurance.


According to the above-mentioned related content introduction, the problem of how to screen polystyrene machine manufacturers is already clear. As a kind of granulation equipment, polystyrene machines are used by many manufacturers in the processing field. Therefore, understanding the working principle of its equipment can also help people to operate the equipment.


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