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EPS Auto Lost Foam Pre-expander Machine

The EPS Auto Lost Foam Pre-expander Machine is designed to quickly and easily expand foam before it is used in product making. This machine is able to rapidly expand foam so that it can be used in a variety of products such as insulation, packaging material, and even fire safety equipment.

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Technical Date

Item LWL500 LWL600
Expansion Chamber Diameter Φ500*850 Φ600*850
Steam Entry DN25 DN25
Pressure 0.4-0.8Mpa 0.4-0.8Mpa
Consumption 50kg/h 50kg/h
Compressed Air Entry DN20 DN20
Pressure 0.4-0.6Mpa 0.4-0.6Mpa
Drainage Entry DN20 DN20
Production Efficiency 30-100kg/h 45-150kg/h
Power 9kw 9.3kw
Expanded Density 15-50g/l 15-50g/l
Overall Dimension 2000*2000*3800mm 2000*2000*4000mm
Weight 860kg 960kg


EPS Auto Lost Foam Pre-expander Machine | Pre expander Machine | Pre expander

EPS Auto Lost Foam Pre-expander Machine is a new and advanced pre-expander that has been designed to improve the quality of EPS. It effectively removes impurities and abnormalities from EPS before it is imported into the production line. This machine has several advantages, such as high efficiency and low operating costs.


EPS Auto Lost Foam Pre-expander Machine  is a unique and innovative machine that helps to reduce the production time of pre-expanded plastics. The machine uses a screw extruder to create pre-expanded plastic sheets that are smooth, consistent, and have fewer imperfections. This results in a more accurate and consistent product, which in turn leads to improved quality and faster manufacturing times.


China Pre expander Machine


EPS pre expander is a new type of continuous expansion device that has the ability to provide precision expansion over wide ranges of pressure. This device is able to expand gases rapidly, producing high-quality products with low emissions.


A pre-expander is a device that helps in the reduction of noise and vibration in an electronic system. This type of equipment is widely used in the industrial and commercial world for its precision and accuracy. Continuous-time pre-expanders offer many advantages over their discontinuous counterparts, such as less susceptibility to transient errors and increased tolerance to noise.


Advantages of EPS Lost Foam Pre-expander Machine:


1.Steam system: accurate pressure reducer to keep stable and accurate steam, ensure material variation;

2 Pressure control: Pressure sensor with muli-steam exhausting system to keep expansion chamber pressure stable, Also reduce the steam consumption;

3. Temperature control: Adopts temperature sensor to keep accurate expansion temperature, which is suitable for high density expansion, less broken beads;

4.Adopts PLC and Touch screen, electronic parts, valves are famous brand, which make the whole working procedure automatically and stable.

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