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Excellent EPS mold supplier in China


Excellent EPS mold supplier in China


Hangzhou Fuyang Longwell Industry Co., Ltd. We are EPS machinery supplier in Hangzhou, China, the manufacturing base of EPS machines. We offer kinds of EPS machines, EPS molds, 3D panel machines, sandwich panel machines, assistant facilities and all kinds of E P S machine spare parts.


We are specialized in E P S machinery design and turn-key project, and have helped many clients building E P S factories around the world, such as England, Italy, Cyprus, Greece, Ukraine, Russia, Australia, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman, U A E, Lebanon, Iraq, Jordan, Tunisia, Algeria, South Africa, Egypt, Mauritius, Vietnam, Thailand, Bangladesh, India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kazakhstan and etc.


So what are our advantages?


1. More years of industry experience


Due to lack of in-depth understanding, most of my friends do not know which part of choosing EPS mold supplier can get satisfactory results. In fact, as long as we have the patience to explore more things, we will soon know that manufacturers that have been established for many years, while focusing on the industry, have cooperated with different customers, and they will definitely have strong strength.


2. The surrounding transportation is convenient


Even if the EPS mold supplier can quickly stock up, the inconvenient transportation will affect the delivery efficiency, which is worthy of attention. The powerful manufacturers are located in a superior geographical location, and the logistics company can deliver faster and ensure on-time delivery.


3. Perfect after-sales service


Some EPS mold supplier are not able to deal with after-sales issues faster. Instead, they will find various excuses to avoid after-sales problems. Of course, this is not a trusted partner. Reliable manufacturers not only have a more complete service system, but also have more thoughtful and timely after-sales service, and can respond to customer feedback in the first time.


The soil for product survival is innovation, and the soil for enterprise survival is users. Hangzhou Fuyang Longwell has a high-quality after-sales service engineer team, which provides customers with one-stop service for after-sales product debugging and maintenance in a timely manner. We promise: all customer complaints will be responded within 24 hours.


About EPS machine supplier


China Longwell is a professional EPS Machinery Supplier and polystyrene machine manufacturer, We offer kinds of EPS machines, EPS molds, 3D panel machines, sandwich panel machines, assistant facilities and all kinds of EPS machine spare parts.


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Hangzhou Fuyang Longwell Industry Co.,Ltd

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