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Film Forming Process of Vacuum Forming Machine


The film forming process of the vacuum forming machine mainly includes the following steps:



1. Preheating stage: First, place the HIPS film in the heating area of ​​the vacuum forming machine. In this area, the film is evenly heated to a suitable forming temperature. The heating process needs to control the temperature and time to ensure that the film is heated evenly without local overheating or overcooling.


2. Forming stage: When the film is heated to a suitable temperature, it is quickly sent to the forming area through the conveying system. Here, the heated film is adsorbed on the mold surface by vacuum suction. The vacuum suction makes the film fit the contour of the mold tightly, thus forming the desired shape.


3. Cooling stage: After the film is formed, it needs to be cooled quickly to fix its shape. Cooling can be done by air cooling or water cooling system. During the cooling process, it is necessary to ensure that the film shrinks evenly to avoid deformation or cracking.


4. Demolding stage: After the film is completely cooled and shaped, the finished product is separated from the mold by the demolding device. This process requires careful operation to ensure that the finished product is not damaged.


5. Trimming and inspection: Finally, the formed product is trimmed to remove excess scraps, and quality inspection is carried out to ensure that each product meets the specifications.




Through the above steps, EPS floor heating panels can be processed into various complex shapes and specifications under the action of the blister machine to meet the needs of different floor heating systems. This process has the advantages of fast production speed, high material utilization rate and low cost, and is widely used in the construction and HVAC industries.

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