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How to use Pre-expander Machine?


Batch pre-expander machine is mainly used to match with the automatic shape/block molding machine. By providing EPS pre-expander materials with uniform density, it can meet the requirements of molding conditions in the production process of packaging and block products.


1. Remove the sundries in the cylinder in advance, and open the air valve and steam valve.

2. Prepare the raw materials and press the conveying button. Set the feeding amount, set the weighing switch to the automatic position, set the counter to the required number of times, confirm the time set in each step, and wait for the signal that the material is full

3. Turn on the fan and screening machine, set the selection button to automatic, press the pre-heating button for 6 minutes, and then according to the set number of times of pre-expander the machine will automatically repeat the pre-expander process.

4. When the last operation is over and the weight of the remaining raw materials in the cylinder is insufficient, turn the switch to semi-automatic mode, press the "Remaining pre expander" button, and the remaining materials will be pre expanded within 5s, which is shorter than the last process.

5. This switch is only effective within 50~300s after the previous operation. If it exceeds this range, it shall be operated manually. Stop the machine in the fully automatic mode, clean the cylinder manually, and remove the beads left in the pre expander cylinder. Close the main steam and air valves and cut off the power supply.


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