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Ship continuous pre-expander LWC900 to Vietnam


The LWC900 continuous pre-expansion machine is an efficient and energy-saving equipment specially designed for processing polystyrene (EPS) materials. The core advantage of this equipment is its continuous production capability, which means that it can perform pre-foaming processing without interruption, greatly improving production efficiency. In addition, LWC900 uses an advanced control system that can accurately adjust temperature and pressure to ensure that each batch of EPS beads can achieve the best foaming effect.



Its intelligent operation interface makes the production process simpler, and operators only need to perform simple parameter settings and monitoring. The high degree of automation reduces the uncertainty caused by human intervention and also reduces the labor intensity of operators.




1. Inside and outside of barrel are both made of stainless steel, and the middle layer is heat preserving material.

2. With automatic material feeding system, expanding device, Japan pressure reducing valve to reduce density tolerance, drier bed and convey blower.

3. This machine can be with first and second expansion.

4. The expanded density range of foamed beads is 8~30 g/l.

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