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What are the characteristics of EPS batch Pre-expander machine?


EPS batch pre-expander machine is an automatic circulating expander system consisting of screening, crushing and conveying devices. EPS beads expanded by EPS pre-expander machine can be supplied to the shape molding machine to form EPS products of different shapes and block of different specifications after aging. The following describes the characteristics of EPS batch pre-expadnder machine:

1. The EPS batch pre-expadnder machine is controlled by PLC programmable controller and touch screen, with automatic electronic metering, automatic feeding, automatic control of the temperature and air pressure of the can body, automatic induction of the material level, etc., to ensure the automatic cycle production of the machine.


2. The photoelectric material level control system and electronic weighing system are used to correctly master the bulk density of the foaming material. The bead material density after foaming with EPS batch pre-expander machine is uniform, and the density tolerance each time is less than 3%.


3. The advanced proportional valve and high-precision pilot pressure reducing valve are used for control to ensure that the pressure of the pressure reducing valve is always constant, and the temperature in the tank of EPS batch pre-expander machine is controlled within+1% oC, so as to ensure the consistency of the raw materials sent out and prevent the raw materials from caking due to poor temperature control.


4. EPS batch pre-expander machine adopts automatic screw feeding device, negative pressure feeding device and electronic weighing device, which improves production efficiency and reduces labor intensity.


5. The tank body of EPS batch pre-expander adopts closed constant pressure foaming, which saves steam and has high thermal efficiency, saving more than 50% energy compared with continuous EPS batch pre-expander .


6. The EPS batch pre-expander is equipped with a fluidizing drying bed. After discharging, the EPS batch pre-expander  automatic screening, automatic fluidizing drying, and the fan automatically transports raw materials to the curing silo.


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