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Multifunctional EPS Foam Cutting Machine Polystyrene Cutting Machine

This multifunctional EPS foam cutting machine is designed for the production of various kinds of foams, including polystyrene. The machine has a cutting capacity of up to 4 cubic meters per hour, and it is equipped with a number of features that make it ideal for the production of polystyrene foam. These features include a sharp blade that can easily cut through the foam, and a comfortable handle that makes it easy to operate.

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Technical Date

Item LWQ-2000B LWQ-3000B LWQ-4000B LWQ-6000B
Max Cutting Size (mm) 2000x1250x1300 3000x1250x1300 4000x1250x1300 6000x1250x1300
Heating wire Horizontal 60pcs 60pcs 60pcs 60pcs
cross 20pcs 20pcs 20pcs 20pcs
Vertical 1pc(manual) 1pc(manual) 1pc(manual) 1pc(manual)
Working Speeding 0-1.8min/m 0-1.8min/m 0-1.8min/m 0-1.8min/m
Connected Load 21kw 21kw 21kw 21kw
Overall Size 2800x1900x2500 3800x1900x2500 4800x1900x1250 6800x1900x1250
Weight 1000kg 1600kg 1800kg 2200kg



1.The main frame of this machine is welded from square profile steel with strong structure, high strength and no deformation.

2.This machine applies converter speed governing, which makes stable moving, and large range of step-less speed governing accordingly. Guide-rail drive makes cutting trim and flat. It applies motor-decelerator integrating system, which lowers the noise, has high practical value.

3.This machine has horizontal, vertical cutting devices. It is applicable to block cutting.

4.Voltage: applies large power transformer, which promote the speed of cutting and lengthen service life.

5.This machine applies cutting retract device, which can shorten 3-10 mins when replace.





Multifunctional EPS Foam Cutting Machine


This multifunctional EPS foam cutting machine is perfect for any small business or home workshop. With its ability to cut, score, and fold EPS foam, it can save you time and money. This machine is easy to use, making it perfect for anyone with a little experience in the construction and engineering fields.


The EPS foam cutting machine is a multifunctional machine that can be used for a variety of purposes. It can be used to cut foam, plastic, and other materials. The machine has a cutting wheel that can be rotated and the blade can be moved up and down.


Multifunctional EPS foam cutting machine is designed to cut, score, and fold EPS foamboard quickly and easily. This machine has a cutting area of ​​10 by 10 inches, a scoring area of ​​8 by 8 inches, and a folding area of ​​6 by 6 inches. It also has a knife-free scoring feature that allows users to score EPS foam without the use of a knife.


This multifunctional EPS foam cutting machine is perfect for quickly and easily cutting large sheets of EPS foam. The machine has a wide-mouth cutter that can handle large pieces of EPS foam with ease, while the small-mouthed cutter is perfect for cutting smaller pieces of EPS foam. Plus, the machine has a knife edge that removes even the most stubborn pieces of EPS foam.


Styrofoam Cutting Machine


Styrofoam is becoming an increasingly popular choice for packaging because of its low cost and lightweight properties. However, Styrofoam can be a difficult material to cut and shape. A styrofoam cutting machine can help reduce the time and effort it takes to create custom Styrofoam products.


Styrofoam is a popular material for packing and shipping products. It is durable, lightweight, and easy to work with. However, Styrofoam is not the most environmentally friendly material to use. In fact, it can be wasteful and damaging to the environment when it is cut and processed. 


There is a new Styrofoam cutting machine that has been designed to help reduce the environmental damage that can result from Styrofoam production.

The polystyrene cutting machine is perfect for precision cutting of EPS foam blocks.

The machine has a high-quality German steel blade that provides clean, accurate cuts.

The machine is easy to operate and can be used by anyone with minimal training.

The machine's table tilts to allow for angled cuts, and the built-in stop makes repetitive cuts quick and easy.

The polystyrene cutting machine is a versatile tool that can be used for a variety of applications, including prototyping, model making, and craft projects.


Eps Foam Cutting Machine manufacturer/supplier/factory in China


EPS foam cutting machines are designed for the production of precision parts from EPS foam. They have a variety of features that make them well-suited for a wide range of applications, including furniture and components, medical devices, and aircraft parts. The machines are easy to use and can produce accurate cuts quickly and easily.


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