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Steam Tank

With the capacity: 6 m3, 8 m3, 10 m3, 12 m3, usual type or energy storage.



Used to store steam;

With insulated material outside to keep warm.

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Steam Tank
Steam Tank
Steam Tank

Technical Date

Steam Tank

Introduction of mixing tank with agitator

The stainless steel water tank has good sealing performance, and the sealing design completely prevents harmful substances in the air and mosquitoes from entering the water tank. The stainless steel tank has strong corrosion resistance and is not corroded by the outside air and residual chlorine in the water, ensuring that the material is not polluted by the outside.


Principle and structure of direct storage tank:

The tank is mainly composed of a box, agitator, manhole, inlet and outlet, cleaning port, etc. The top and bottom of the tank are designed with conical heads, and there is no dead corner for cleaning. The product design and manufacturing technology is advanced, the performance is reliable, and the heat dissipation, insulation performance and hygiene standards are all in line with the advanced level.


Custom part

1. The inner and outer layers of the tank can be equipped with polyester foam to prevent the material temperature from losing in the tank. The material has the advantages of low thermal conductivity, light weight, high strength, low water absorption, and good heat preservation performance.

2. It can be equipped with Miller version heating and cooling layer, which is suitable for sterilization and cooling of juice, milk and other materials. It can be directly filled with ice water, hot water and hot steam.

3. Pneumatic valve and electric control panel can be installed to automatically control the feeding and discharging, mixing switch and the heating and cooling temperature of the material in the tank


China Steam Tank

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