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Application of EPS box and Advantages in food industry


EPS box is a popular packing material. EPS foam box has excellent insulation performance and is widely used in food and packaging industry. In addition, it is also widely used as a portable cooler to keep food or drink fresh and cool for a long time.

1. Why are EPS boxes so popular?

1. Protection product: EPS foam has excellent shock absorption performance, which enables it to withstand pressure.

2. Durability: EPS foam plastic box is very durable, so it can reliably package and transport fresh food and other goods. This material is moisture-proof and ensures proper hygiene.

3. Light weight: EPS foam is 98% air. Therefore, it is very light and will not add extra weight to the whole product.

4. Insulation products: the heat insulation performance of EPS foam plastic helps to keep food fresh in the whole distribution chain.


2. EPS foam is considered as an excellent insulator, so it has been widely used in different industries. Let's look at its application in various industries.

1. Food industry: EPS foam has amazing insulation performance. This is why these boxes are widely used to store and transport fresh vegetables or poultry. It can protect food from external heat for several hours. As a result, it can prevent food decay or degradation caused by external temperature rise. These boxes can also withstand extreme pressure. Therefore, these boxes are very suitable for transporting food. Moreover, it is very light. Therefore, it makes it easy to carry the box.

2. Packaging industry: In addition to the food industry, foam plastic boxes have good applications in the packaging industry. Because the packaging box has the ability to withstand pressure, it is usually used for packaging and transporting fragile items such as electronic products and cosmetics. These boxes are also widely used in the mail industry. In addition, these boxes are very light, so they are an economical and effective choice for the materials needed for packaging and transporting to different countries.

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