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Precautions For Maintenance of Auto Cutting Machine


The EPS auto cutting machine is a kind of equipment for processing foam, sponge and other materials required by the chemical industry. At present, the hot wire machine is mainly used for cutting. Due to the advantages of jot wire cutting, such as not easy to deform, smooth incision, no edge pasting, etc, it is currently used in various fields. Of course, it is inevitable that the foam cutting machine will fail in the process of use, and it needs to be overhauled. Now let's talk about the following precautions when overhauling.

Only personnel who know how to use and operate are allowed to repair machinery or replace components! In order to prevent accidents or damage to machinery, the following principles must be observed during maintenance:

1.In case of failure, disconnect the power supply to stop the machine;


2.When the machine cannot be used normally, consult the relevant manuals and instructions to determine the correct measures to be taken; Turn off the power supply before repairing or replacing components;

3.The parts removed during maintenance shall be replaced with the same new parts in place, and the instruments used in maintenance must be calibrated;


4.It is forbidden to leave combustibles or metal objects in the electric cabinet or junction box;

5.Regularly check whether cables and wires are damaged to prevent leakage or electric shock.

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