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Ship EPS pre-expander and 8 sets helmet shape molding machine to Vietnam


Recently, a batch of advanced EPS pre-foaming machines and 8 sets of helmet forming machines will be shipped from China to Vietnam, injecting new impetus into local industrial production.



Efficient EPS pre-foaming machine


EPS pre-expanding machine (Expandable Polystyrene Pre-expander) is a piece of equipment specially used for pre-expanding polystyrene beads. Polystyrene beads expand during the heating process to form a foam material with excellent insulation and cushioning properties, which is widely used in construction, packaging, transportation and other fields.


Advanced helmet forming machine


The eight sets of helmet forming machines exported this time are specially used to produce various safety helmets. With the popularity of transportation and the improvement of safety awareness, the market demand for helmets has increased rapidly. The helmet forming machine uses advanced injection molding technology to produce high-quality helmets that meet international standards and are widely used in motorcycles, bicycles, construction sites and other fields to ensure people's safety.


Looking to the future


In the future, the cooperation between the companies is expected to be further deepened to provide more high-quality EPS machines and complete after-sales services.

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