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What are the main EPS products


1.EPS electronic packaging products: EPS foam packaging products are the lightest packaging materials at present. They have the characteristics of light weight, shock absorption, anti-skid, low cost, and easy packaging. Widely used in product packaging in household appliances, electronics, machinery, handicrafts, pharmaceuticals and other industries.

2.EPS foam box products: EPS foam insulation box products have the characteristics of preservation, heat preservation, storage and transportation resistance and so on. It is widely used in the packaging, storage and transportation of aquatic products, fruits, vegetables and instrument industries.

3. EPS foam insulation board products: EPS foam insulation board is a new low thermal conductivity insulation material, which has the characteristics of low cost, heat preservation, sound insulation, moisture resistance, light weight, energy saving, convenient construction, etc., and is widely used in construction, decoration, etc. , floor heating, greenhouses, cold storage, stage sets and other projects.

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