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LWS-E Series-High efficiency Energy-saving Automatic Shape Molding Machine


On the basis of EPS shape molding machine, the energy-saving shape molding machine has added systems such as condensate bucket, high-pressure water bucket and etc, which can save 20% of energy. The machine has following advantages:

1. It combines premium features of machine models in Europe, Japan and Taiwan, China, which is widely used.

2. Molded foam products have low water content, low equipment energy consumption, short production cycle and stable product size;

3. Many kinds of molds can be interchanged, with strong equipment compatibility, saving mold costs;

4. The machine frame is welded with hollow shaped steel, with high strength and stability;

5. After the frame is welded, it is subject to high temperature annealing and failure heat treatment. It is processed by an imported CNC machining center. The bottom layer is fine sandblasted for remove rust , and the whole body is galvanized and the surface is painted, with high corrosion resistance;

6. Adopt advanced multi cylinder hydraulic mold locking system, with fast mold closing speed and strong mold locking force;

7. The advanced central energy distributor is used to balance and stabilize the steam pressure;

8. Efficient vacuum cooling with spray nozzle and independent drainage system are adopted to greatly shorten the vacuum pumping time;

9. Pressure feeding, advanced sensor to control material quantity and density;

10. Fully automatic computer control system, color touch screen control, simple operation.


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