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Ship EPS batch pre-expander to Morocco


LONGWELL successfully exported a batch of the latest EPS pre-expander machine to Morocco. The machine adopt a series of advanced technologies and equipment to ensure the efficiency of the production process and the stability of product quality.



EPS batch pre-expander machine has the following features:


First, PLC and touch screen control systems are adopted to achieve fully automatic and continuous production. Automatic feeding, temperature control and other functions are all available, which greatly improves production efficiency and stability of production quality.


Secondly, electronic weighing and material level control ensure the uniformity of the foamed beads and control the density tolerance within ±2%. This technology ensures that the EPS products produced are of consistent quality and meet the high requirements of customers.


Third, an original Japanese pressure reducing valve is used to control steam pressure, ensuring pressure stability, preventing material agglomeration, and ensuring the stability of the production process and product quality.


Fourth, the closed constant pressure foaming barrel has efficient heating performance and saves more than 50% energy compared with the continuous type. This technology not only reduces production costs, but also meets environmental protection requirements and reflects the social responsibility of manufacturing companies.


In addition, optional equipment such as Korean vibration sensors and proportional valves further improve the machine's production efficiency and production quality.

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