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Introduction and Advantages about EPS Cornice


EPS decorative cornice can prevent fire without emitting toxic substances, and is an environment-friendly high-quality decorative building material product. It is a new type of exterior wall decorative product and component, which is more suitable for installation on the wall with EPS and XPS insulation.


1. Light weight. The material of EPS cornice is expanded polystyrene, and the weight of its finished product is about 1/6 of that of GRC decorative cornice.  It is also fireproof, waterproof, moth proof, mildew proof and crack proof.It is applicable to all kinds of indoor and outdoor decorative materials with convenient installation, which belongs to a new green decorative material.

2. Variety of styles. The main products are cornice, Roman columns, door decorations, decorative components and other products, and can accept customized drawings.

3.Stick firmly. EPS cornice is mainly bonded with the wall with polymer mortar, which is made by mixing organic glue with inorganic material cement mortar, with long service life and firm bonding.

4.Simple and convenient installation. With special bonding materials and methods, one person can install and construct, especially for large cornice projects.

5.There is no gap between cornice lines. The same gap filling materials as wall bonding are used between EPS decorative lines, and all gaps disappear, and no cracks will appear in future use.

6.Environmental protection: It uses synthetic fiber as raw material, meeting the national project decoration non-toxic and harmless green product standard.



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